2010. december 10., péntek

Christmas tree

It's not a real big tree, but a stylization. You may put it on table at home or in office.

All you need are:

big jar (2-3 l)
3 wooden skewers (for trunks)
9 little balls for decoration
thin wire (9 pieces for branchs)
strong glue
acrylic paint (bronze, gold or other)


Spread glue over the jar (not all at once - step by step). Stick around the rope - begin from botomn and row after row (using glue) stick it all.
Then, using a simple pen or pensil make the 9 pieces of wire curly as spring. One end of each piece secure with pliers to the 3 wooden skewers. So now we have 3 trunks with 3 branchs on each. Untwist a little bit the wire (as on photo). Then paint jar and all trunks and branches. I used balls already painted. Let the paint dry and put the balls on the Christmas tree!

Best wishes
Nataly Klik from "Klik's nightlife"

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Timi írta...

What a fantastic idea!!! Thanks!

Manka írta...

It's such a nice idea! Thanks Nataly!

Klik írta...

Thank you! :)