2011. január 4., kedd

Toys for New Year tree

I prepare a lot of toys for decoration and for presents. They are all diferent and have different sides decor. Some of them like NY trees, some like hearts. Most of them covered with decoupage and metallic acril and pearl.

4 megjegyzés:

Nina Dias írta...

Oi Rafa,feliz 2011!!
Lindos sachês, o SAL você também deve estar fazendo não? Ele fica lindo nessas cores, beijos Nina

Klik írta...

Happy New Year, Nina!
Translator badly translated your question...so I didn't unerstand about SAL. If you can ask in English or Francais?

Timi írta...

Christmas toys! What a fantastic idea :o)! I liked them all!!!

Névtelen írta...

Very beautiful ornaments :)